Friday, April 17, 2009

All About Accessories

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! OK, we admit it-we've become addicted to accessories. What else transforms your outfit from so-so to absolutely amazing in one minute? Our accessories are the key to your signature style and we've listed some of our favorites below…but there are so many more! Sucre is in love with Pamela Love jewelry and you will be too. If you want a little step in your style, this double snake ring is just the right mix of edge and glamour. Or, embrace the darker side of nature with this awesome bird skull ring. A true beauty with a bit of a twist.
Rhinestone rings by Nola Singer: These one-of-a-kind rings made from vintage brooches add just the right sparkle to any outfit.
Saya Hibino’s skull rings and earrings: These ornate skulls with eyes of emerald, sapphire, or garnet are the perfect combination of edgy yet feminine. Fiona Paxton’s beaded necklaces: Make a statement! These hand embroidered beaded necklaces drape in a snakelike shape around the neck. Turn grunge to glam in seconds.
Litya hats: Looks stunning with your favorite little black dress. Made of snakeskin and tulle veil, this hat fits beautifully with a headband to hold it in place. The black tulle veil drapes over your left eye.
Armour lipgloss: Environmentally friendly and tasty too, these glosses are named after rock songs, clubs, and pop culture icons. We love the shade Gypsy!
Selima’s Marianne sunglasses: Available in rose tinted lenses or racy red rimmed frames - a great escape from your trendy aviators.