Monday, July 26, 2010


This is a new jewelry line we picked up that is actually based on a myth.  Each piece is part of the story and is offered in varying stages of decay, going from start to fossil like.  But the jewelry really comes to life when you put it on-he has worked with the shape of the body so the pieces have a sculptural quality.

Love this bio:
"BEVEL means to meet at an angle other than a right angle, or the slant thus formed. The philosopher, Joseph Campbell wrote that there are only two myths - the hero's quest, and the hero's journey home. He thought the quest was about how each of us makes his/her way in the world, and the journey home was how we reconcile that with our personal values, the person we want to be at home. What we want to accomplish vs. who we want to be. So that's another bevel - where those two meet. Relevant themes are, the eternally new methods that people have to find their own way, learn to discern evil, and use courage, and creative ingenuity to overcome evil, even when there are those who would hinder them are stronger and have more resources. Each generation has to come at it a new way - at a different angle - and it's how the individual today chooses to confront these eternal issues that defines each person. Our generation particularly has to struggle against the effects of greed and the mass production, and pollution it creates. The value of a singular vision, creating hand-crafted pieces from sterling silver, particularly resonates. This jewelry, this story, this is my BEVEL."