Friday, February 24, 2012

Talking to Amanda Assad...

We may be biased, but we think that Sucre has the most amazing designers around and thought you'd like to meet them. In the next few months we will be posting interviews with some of our favorite designers along with pictures from their upcoming collections.

Meet: Amanda Assad of Assad Mounser

Question #1: Tell us a little bit about this collection. What were you inspired by?
This collection as always communicates the idea of tribal glam and this season the silhouettes juxtapose sport motifs and intense neon color with Native American tribal silhouettes and heavy metal. The style names connotate Native traditions and beliefs.

Question #2: What was the first piece you ever made?
The first piece I ever made was a multi strand jeweled cross necklace made of tons of rosary chains and different crystal encrusted crosses. It was very goth, and was the first piece I received editorial coverage on. It was used in a full spread as well as inside cover in Numero Japan! It was integral press that really launched my collection.

Question #3: Who was the person who influenced you most?
My husband influences me most, he's my co-conspirator, collaborator and an amazing photographer and he encourages and inspires me everyday!

Question #4: If your clothes were stripped away and you could only wear one piece of your jewelry, what would it be?
If I could only wear one piece of jewelry it would be the most iconic piece in my collection - the Moonage Daydream Collar. It was made in homage to David Bowie and is the piece my brand is most known for.

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